Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is the developer?

Residential Plots & Group Housing Sites - Herolds Bay country Estate (Pty) Ltd, Long Island Trading 44 (Pty) Ltd, GFA Holdings, Dalmar Construction (Pty) Ltd

2. Which Municipal body governs this area?

George Municipality

3. Where are the nearest shops, hospital and business nodes in the area?

The estate includes a community centre with food retail, fuel retail and other smaller line shops.

4. What security measures are in place for the protection of residents?

The development will have various security systems, access control, cameras, guarding and perimeter fencing.

5. How is Herolds Bay Country Estate property ownership managed?

The property ownership is Full Title which is managed by the Home Owners Association.

6. What documents govern living at Herolds Bay Country Estate?

The Constitution, the Rules and Regulations and the Architectural and Landscape Guidelines. These are available on request or for download from our website.

7. When will construction start and end?

Vegetation clearance has been completed - Nov 2022
Phase 1 - Clusters Site Plot surveys and pegging in Nov / Dec 2022.
Convenience Centre - 2024/5.
Cluster Plots - 27 plots of sizes 480m2 - 635 sqm, Plot Servicing 2024 and construction in 2024/5.
Country Estate Plots - Plot servicing Phase 2 in 2023 and phasing to the end of 2024.

8. When will I be able to construct my home and how long do I have to do so?

Construction of a home can commence once the plot is transferred into your name. From the date of transfer you have 12 months within which you must commence with the construction of your home and once you start building you have a year in which to finish.

9. How much is the levy and when is the first payment due?

The levy is R 1700 per property, per month. Levy is payable once the plot transfers into your name.

10. Who is responsible for electricity, water and property rate payments?

The owner will pay this from date of transfer, the George Municipality and or the HOA for services.

11. What is the total expected value of the The Herolds Bay Country estate project on completion?

R 1 Billion + (All homes completed).

12. Will there be any storage facilities?

No, you will have to design your home with garaging for your requirements.

13. Will there be any on-site management services?

Yes, there will be professional estate management company appointed.

14. Will I be allowed to rent out my property?

Long term rentals will be permitted via any approved estate agency

15. Will I be able to use any real estate brokerage company for sale or rental of my property?

Only full status, fully qualified Estate Agents (Property Practitioners) with valid fidelity fund certificates will be allowed to offer properties for sale. The HOA will implement an accreditation process to protect owners in this regard.

16. Are pets allowed?

Yes, two dogs, up to 45cm in height. Rules have been formulated for the registration and licensing of dogs in the estate.

17. Will my domestic worker be able to reside at the development? Will there be living facilities for stay?

Yes, you will have to design your home accordingly. Security checks will be in place for all contractors and employees.

18. Can I use my own architect to design my home?

The approved development architects for home designs are:
· Studio IMW
· Osmond Lange Architects
· Mere Group

19. Where can my guests park?

You will have to make provision for this in your home design.

20. Is there Fibre?

Yes, fibre will be installed in the estate.

21. Has the Home Owners Association been established and if not, when will it be?

The HOA documentation is complete and has been handed into the municipality. The developer will establish the same in due course after registration of properties into buyers names.

22. Who takes care of the maintenance of the estate?

The developer does this during the development phase thereafter the HOA does this.

23. Where can I hang my washing?

Owners are to design courtyards out of view for this purpose.

24. How do I purchase a plot that is not yet serviced?

The developers are in the pre-sales phase of the project. Once critical sales are achieved the construction of the services of the development will commence. As it is a phased development some plots will be available for transfer before others. Check with your agent for approximate dates. The Purchase Agreement is a suspensive one. This means that the developer sells to you on condition that the properties are serviced. If this does not occur your funds are refunded as they are invested by the Attorney for your safety.

25. Is my deposit / funds at risk?

No - Your deposit / funds is/ are held in the transferring Attorneys Trust Account. It is invested on your behalf and carries interest which accrues to you. Attorneys are by law required to have Fidelity Insurance. The attorneys charge a +- R 250 fee to invest monies.

26. By when must I pay?

Your deposit is required immediately to secure your purchase. The balance must be secured by means of a mortgage bond, suitable guarantee or cash stipulated in the purchasing agreement.

27. What is the property transfer process?

The attorneys (conveyancer) will walk through the steps of transfer with you. They will attend to registration at the deeds office. But basically it involves the following steps: Offer to Purchase, Constitution, Estate Rules and Architectural Guidelines must be signed by purchaser and the seller, deposit paid, guarantees or bond issued, lodgement at the Deeds Office, transfer into your name. If you pay cash the Title Deed will be available within approximately 60 days after transfer, if there is a bond involved it will vest with the bond holder until it is paid off.

28. What is a Revisionary right?

The developer has a Revisionary Right registered. Should you not build in the prescribed period, the developer can buy back the property back from you in terms of this clause.

29. Are there build penalties if I don’t build inside the time period?

Should the developer decide not to take up the revisionary right, the HOA could impose building penalties at the time on unbuilt properties.

30. Are there any transfer costs?

No, the developer is a VAT registered vendor and as such he will in the course of his business submit this to SARS. The developer has included all costs in the prices including legal fees.

31. What other hidden costs are there in purchasing?

Costs that will be carried by a purchaser privately include: bond registration fees, bond valuation fees, guarantee fees.

32. What is happening in the background prior to the commencement of the installation of services?

The ROD (Record of Decision) by Province and the approvals by the Tribunal and the George Municipality contain the conditions of establishment. There are a large amount of requirements by each department. The developer, together with the legal and professional team are working through these requirements and implementing them into designs etc. Once these requirements and designs are done and approved servicing can commence.

The developer has also commenced with clearing the alien vegetation as required from the site.

33. Where does the finance come from for the development?

Funding of all phases will be spread between Private and Institutional financing.

34. What happens on the remainder of the farm?

The land owner will continue to reside and farm the property. There is an access servitude in place for them to access the farm through the development.

35. Where can I walk?

The boundary fences will be offset from the properties, allowing for various circular routes to be taken. The area around the dam and ponds will be landscaped.